I own a HP42S, who knows the right type of battery. Thanks. Michael





HTH ???


hope this helps.




The 44-series, 76-series, and 357-series button cells will all "fit the bill" for all the Pioneer models, to my knowledge. Alkaline and silver oxide cells are readily available. The 42S manual mentions mercury (Hg) cells, which may no longer be obtainable.


Mike ... you want to use long lasting Silver Oxide batteries in your HP-42S verses the short lasting Alkaline batteries ( i.e. LR44). The Silver Oxide battery's type is called a SW44 and are made by alot of battery manufactures. Some manufactures are the "Duracell 303/357" and the "Energizer 357". Buy a backup set of batteries too. Avaliable from these sites too.




I posted that original Battery question on October 16, 2003. So until www.sr44.com ordering is back on-line, check out my investation of the following:

Jim L. recommends www.batterymart.com for Eveready 357 Silver Oxide. Purchase 6 batteries (includes shipping) at $1.50/ea. Go to http://www.batterymart.com/battery.mv?p=BAT-357

Fry’s Electronic’s www.outpost.com for Eveready 357 Silver Oxide. Purchase 6 batteries (includes shipping) at $1.79/ea. Search for product #1935338.

Fry’s also has Duracell PX76A/675B Alkaline. Purchase 6 batteries (includes shipping) AT $1.49/ea. Search for product #2015037.

Radio Shack store has Silver Oxide, cost $3.00/ea, and they have Alkalines too.

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I bought 10 sr44 ("357") from batterymart recently. Fast service, good price, and the batteries are actually Swiss-made! (cool!)



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