82161A HP-IL Digital Cassette Drive


I was delighted to win this very used Cassette Drive at a recent convention as I had wanted to use this form of mass storage with my HP-41CX. But I can't make it/them work together.
The HP-IL module for the HP-41CX I bought from a very reputable source, and it looks quite literally brand new. I followed directions and connected these items into a controller/active device HP-IL circuit.
I issued the command XEQ NEWM 005, and the Cassette Drive appears to answer the HP-41CX and prepare the "new medium." However, moments later the HP-41CX displays the error message TRANSMIT ERR, which is puzzling because that error message is summarized in the section on I/O rather than Mass Storage.
Can someone please explain this behavior for me?
Jim Chumbley



there are various sources for 'TRANSMIT ERR' .
The most common: The batteries of your tape drive went low during the operation;-)



Thanks so much, Raymond, for that help. I sure hope that that is all it is. I happen to have another newly rebuilt battery pack that I can try with it.

Many thanks!


Just like you said, Raymond. I put in a different, more fully charged, battery, and the system works just perfectly. You certainly saved me from some anxiety. I was getting concerned about the possibility of having to send the drive to Europe to have someone there take a look at it. It is truly a nice addition to the HP-41CX and its peripherals. Angel is going to write the chess-playing program onto one of the little data cassettes in the next couple of weeks.

It is the unexpected level of highly competent assistance here that makes this newsgroup the best place to call home on the entire internet.

Again, many, many thanks,
Jim Chumbley

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