HP-41 Barcode on your PC


The HP41UC.EXE utility now generates barcode from compiled user-code (RAW) files.


hp41uc /r=prog.raw /w "Program Title" /h

Where "/h" is for HP (PCL) printers. If you omit the printer option, you get a 16-byte per row HEX dump.

I'll be adding other printers later: "/e" for Epson, etc.

Download available at: http://www.hp41.org/Doc/HP41/Download/Hp41uc.zip


Congratulations! Nice contribution!

Which PCL version are you supporting? (most HP inkjets use PCL3, which in fact is a subset of newer PCL versions such as PCL5, PCL6, etc.)


The raster data is preceded by ESC*b##W, which is a very primitive esc-sequence that I think goes back to the inception of PCL. So, it should work on any PCL compatible printer.

By the way, the utility does not send data to the printer, it simply generates a printable file. Example:

hp41uc /r=prog.raw /w "Program Title" /h

will generate an output file called "prog.wnd". To print the output file, you just copy it to the print device:

copy prog.wnd lpt1


I'm wondering if there is any interest in something like this for Linux/Unix users?

I have a prototype going which will take hp-41c source files, including ROM extensions, and produce postscript output. Ultimately I'd like to extend it to handle other printers, and other input/output types, similar to Leo's utility. Is there any interest?



Count me in as _very_ interested.


Hi, i`m VERY interested, too


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