49g+ screen flash


Does anybody know what to do about the annoying screen flashes (bottom line) on the 49g+? ROM is 1.2. Does upgrading to 1.22 help? Thanks.


No, 1.22 doesn't help. I tried this myself last night. My understanding is that the flicker is caused by the unit going into a low power state about 1-2 seconds after each keypress while it waits for the next keypress. Somehow, it misses a screen refresh while making this transition. If you have the digital clock (with seconds) display turned on, it makes the problem more noticeable because the power state recycles pretty much with each clock tick. Turning the clock display off should at least reduce the amount of flickering, but it will not eliminate it. I am hopeful that this issue will be resolved in a future ROM update, but 1.22 doesn't do it.


ROM 1.22 seemed to help, but not cure.

There's been much discussion of this on COMP.SYS.HP48 .

Pressing ON and then up-arrow at the same time seems to stop it, for some reason.

I'm not sure what command or feature is invoked with that keypress pattern. It may be related to printing, and IIRC, you'll want the "print via wire" flag (-34) set.

I think that's it, anyway.

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