Another HP-IL problem


i have been having a problem getting my new HP 82160A HP-IL module to transmit to either an old 2225B HP-IL printer or 82973A PC interface card. the card and printer seem to work fine together, but the HP 41CV with module can only produce a "Transmit Err" when uploading programs, data, or printing.

the function list CAT 2 displays the module programs, so i'm guessing this is a wire problem. is there a way to confirm this?



It sounds like it might be a wiring problem but that's easy to check by swapping things around. Also the 82973 cards are notorious for only working on slow PCs so that may be part of your problem. One of mine gives a "transmit Err" exactly every other time when I tried to use it in my 486 PC. The cards work great in old 286 PCs so I've started collecting some of the luchbox sized portables like the Compaq Portable III for use with the IL interface card. They work great in them.


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