Dear boys and girls.... Bad news. In Switzerland the HP-33S will be introduced in first half of december.. I got this news from a very trustfull soucre. Switzerland will be one of the first contries that will introduce the 33S...
Let´s hope it´s under our chrismas tree...



Why is that bad news? We were expecting a January 2004 intro date. Is it bad news because you can only buy it if you have a Swiss bank account????




I have a swiss email account---is tat good enough? ;-}



You get a simulator for the HP33s!!!!


I was told that it arrives in the middle of november....


January 2004... you're joking

I was expecting January 2005 at the earliest

Expect less and you will be more grateful.




What gave you the impression that the release date is Januray 2005? We heard about all the new calculators that they are coming out this fall (and maybe early winter).


PS: Congrats on winning the calculator design.

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