Business Pac for hp48GX


What do you think about the Business Pac of CalcPro?
Thanks for the answer.


I have the Business Pac for HP 48GX. It is nice. However, if you want maximum business computation functionality, it is not as good as the no longer made HP 17BII and HP 19BII calculators. I do not have an HP 17BII+ (The HP 19BII+ should be available in a few months). Two places that might still have the original HP 17BII and HP 19BII are Calcpro website phone (541) 752-8414
and International Calculator website phone (407) 898-0081
I have bought the two models mentioned (plus many other calculators and accessories) from these two places. I do not know if they are still in stock. Call them when you get a chance. Good luck.

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