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Hi all. I've been trying to find information about the "|" operator (vertical bar), but the manuals don't even mention it. Can any of you enlighten me?




Hi there,

IIRC, the | operator is called 'where', so that you can define the value of a variable in an expression.
FOr example: y=m*x+c | m=2

I could, of course, be completely wrong, so I claim no responsibility for damage caused to your calculator (or anything else) by using this possibly wrong information. :-)




Example: t^2|t=2 => 4

Example: a*t^2|(a=2,t=2) => 8


How do you input your examples? I managed to get it working in the EQW but not directly on the stack in RPN or ALG mode.
I was always wondering how to use it and I am still wondering if it is really useful



Put single quotes around it.


You could always search google for ' hp49g+ "where operator" '


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