hp75 VisiCalc external display question


I am wondering how to change the external display on hp75 visicalc. When I first received the module a few months ago it displayed 32 columns which worked nicely using the 82163a video interface.

I ran visicalc today and for some reason its displaying at 80 columns now and I'm not sure what I've done to change it. Any ideas?




I'm confused. The 82163A is only a 32 column device. The real question is how are you getting 80 columns on a 32 column device?

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sorry I don't have a good answer to getting 80 columns out of an 82163a other then I'm not. I noticed the display was not correct when using my 82163a so I switched my 75 over to link+ (using the hpil/isa card) which acts as an 80 column device and visicalc displayed properly.

Since that posting, I've switched the visicalc module to another 75 which was freshly reset. The default mode appears to be 32 columns.



The 82163A is 32 colunm mode only. There is no 80 column mode with the 163A.

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Visicalc was formatting 80 column lines and sending it to a 32 column display.


HP82163 video interface provides 32 columns only.
You need an HP92198A HP-IL 80-Column Video Interface.
It was made by Mountain Computer, Inc. (MC00701A).

Hello Andy,

you can set the dimension of the video display with the following BASIC commands: VLENGTH n and VWIDTH m.
The defaults are VLENGTH 16 and VWIDTH 32.

Regards, Achim


Thanks Achim!

Those are the commands I was looking for. VLENGTH and VWIDTH appear to be commands specific to VisiCalc and these allow you to set the display dimensions. Somehow one of my 75's got set to 80 columns (probably while experimenting with a program off the swap discs).

For everyone else...I'm sorry that I was unclear.

Thanks for all the help everyone. One day maybe I can find a VisiCalc manual...all I have right now is the quick reference guide.


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