HP JUNK! Scanner (printer.....) etc.


I just returned an HP 5550C scanner that I've wasted 6 months trying to get to work right. Long story short, the software was never right, and HP took it off the market quickly without ever fixing the software. Even their support people "couldn't figure it out" except to say there was a "software" problem. Same problem years ago with a 720C printer. (Why make it actually work? Just come out with the next model.)

New printer models come out a dizzying pace. Not only does HP not support the older models, they never even fix the major bugs! Just look at problems other people report!

So sad... that I lovingly and proudly collect "HP's", and yet have to abandon the brand today.

My next attempt will be a Visioneer XP 450... supposed to scan at 20 sheets per minute. I've never had trouble with my Strobe scanners... other than Windows no longer supporting the serial interfaces. (I just bought new interfaces, and still use my Strobe(s) daily.)

(Any advice on a document-feeding scanner is welcome!)

I miss HP.



I have a HP 4570 scanner that doesn't work right too. It's a software issue too.

It's supposed to scan multiple pages into a single PDF document. But whenever I try to scan a 2nd page, it overwrites the first. I can't get multiple pages into a single document.

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So far, my 4670 scanner has been working beautifully (OK, the first one died the first day I had it, but the second one's OK), scanning multiple pages into a single PDF under Mac OS X.


I have 4 options to scan a document.

1) Text and Graphics (as image) (1 bit, 8 bit, 24 bit)
2) Text (as image) (1 bit, 8 bit, 24 bit)
3) Editable Text (8 bit, 24 bit)
4) Editable Text with Graphics (8 bit, 24 bit)

If I scan Text or Text and Graphics, as images, it won't put more than 1 scan into a document.

If I scan Editable Text or Editable Text with Graphics it does put multiple pages into the document.

Seems like the first two options should allow multiple pages as well. The reason I want to use the 1st two options is that it has a b/w option and images are much smaller. 3 and 4 only have options of 8 bit gray and 24 bit color.

Do you have options 1 and 2 and can you scan multiple pages into a document with those settings?


The Mac OS X software is different from the Windows software, so I moved the USB cable from the scanner over to my Windows box and installed the HP software.

I was able to set Text and Graphics, as images, 1 bit per pixel, and scan 3 pages into a document which I then saved as PDF. Worked fine.

What, precisely, happens when you try to do this?


Everything looks like it is working fine. I get a prompt that asks if I want to scan another page, I put a new page up and say "yes". It scans again and then asks the same question.

When I'm done and open the PDF, it only has one page; the last one.


As a test, I opened Acrobat 4.0 and used the "Import->Scan", I can scan multiple pages into a document. I just can't do it by using the HP Director control panel.

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So what? Just use Acrobat for scanning and throw that HP piece-of-junk software in the rubbish bin.

Cheers, Victor


Thanks a lot. You have solved my problem.

I just tried your method and it works gread. My problem was I was choosing my destination as "Adobe Acrobat 4.0". So, I was trying to scan directly into a PDF document.

But when I switched the destination to "save to file" and saved as PDF, it worked great.

Thanks a lot.




Although certainly not great software-wise, I have an HP officejet d145 all-in-one that does a pretty good job at scanning multiple-page documents. I've used it to scan many hundreds of calculator manual pages with almost no miss-feeds or jams. The printer is also of fairly high-quality for a relatively cheap inkjet. They don't make it any longer of course, although they do have similar models like the officejet 7110.

That said, the software could be a lot better. It does occasionally cause Win2K to crash and picks up the fax line in the middle of a phone call. It could also be enhanced, easily, to allow double-sided scanning. The copier will do 2-sided to 2-sided copying but for no good reason, they restrict the scanning to one-sided only.

I may have gotten lucky with the particular unit that I bought, but overall it's been a reliable work horse for me (knock on wood!).


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Same here. I bought a low-end Scanjet 2200C to augment an old Umax scanner I passed to my kids. The thing makes alarming plastic-on-plastic clanking noises when scanning, and the software is counter-intuitive, except perhaps to a completely clueless newbie. The main interface doesn't even let me specify scan resolution!

I was gratified to notice that the scanning software in Red Hay Linux 9 recognised the scanner, and provides much more sophisticated control over the scanning process.

I miss HP, too!


--- Les [http://www.lesbell.com.au]


the software was never right, and HP took it off the market quickly without ever fixing the software

HP is not alone in this. About 12 years ago I found a very serious bug in the PL/I compiler for the IBM AS/400, reported it to IBM, and it was never fixed. Shortly afterwards, PL/I disappeared as an option for AS/400 programmers.




Isn't it just sickening? I have an old HP printer, Laserjet 5 MP. It has worked from the very first day it was installed non stop since 1996 and I never had a problem with it.
Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end.....(sigh)


I have an old HP printer, Laserjet 5 MP. It has worked from the very first day it was installed non stop since 1996 and I never had a problem with it.

Those printers are the best that HP ever made.

Now scanners are a different story. I had a sheet feed that lasted about six months. Not very much use either. I started getting horrible lines in the scans.

Then just to be masochist I bought a 5200C scanner. I scanned about 50-60 images with it. Then it started acting up. It wouldn't scan. I would unplug it and plug it back in. Sometimes this would make it work.

One day after doing the plug trick about 20 times I gave up and threw it in the garbage.

I will never buy an HP Scanner again!




I've looked at alternatives. The 7110 all in one has the same document feeder as the 5550C scanner, as well as a printer built in.

I never disliked the scanner's hardware; it just would stop unexpectedly, scan pages as black, scan half pages, etc.

Maybe the software in the all-in-one will work better.

I also decided that having copy and fax abilities while my computer is doing uninterruptable stuff like burning a DVD might be a good idea.

Anyway, thanks for the advice, and I'll give it one more try.



I sprung for a 7130. It has a photo card reader, but more importantly, it comes with the two-sided feature that scans and copies and prints 2 sides.

HP gets a fortune for the ink, though....




The 7130 looks like it's identical to the d145 that I have; but mine doesn't do double-sided scanning only double-sided copying and printing, so it looks like they must have made some software changes. Hopefully they took the time to improve the reliability of the software too.

The virtual photo contact sheet/enlargement order processing feature is a hoot!

I'd love to hear more on this after you use it for a while.



Hi Katie, et. al.,

Well.... the scanner does only scan one side. So far, it's much slower than my last scanner. I can "scan to" my Paperport desktop, or use WIA within paperport. Using the Windows Image Acquisition, the scanner resets between each page!!! sending the scanner mechanism loudly back and forth!

And, I haven't been able to get the software to load the TWAIN drivers!!!!

More problems.




That stinks! I'm getting about 5 (8.5 x 11) pages/minute at 300 dpi 24 bit color through the feeder. The TWAIN interface brings up the HP preview/scnning tool called "HP Image Viewer - HP officeJet d series Scan 2.0". Perhaps this same software will work on your machine. I also have no problem using the "scan to" feature, it goes right into Paint Shop Pro, for example.

I feel bad for recomending this. Maybe you should return it, get a d145 on ebay and pocket the change.




Don't feel bad. I'd been looking at these already. I'm going to try to install the "corporate" drivers first, then the whole thing if necessary. Might install the Twain stuff. I like the unit overall, even if it scans slowly.


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