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I got a 16MB SD memory card for my HP49+. I can copy all the "alg" objects on to it but cannot copy library files for the HP49 nor HP49 files created by an application program and if it copies, the file manager will show error and cannot purge the object unless I purge from command line ( such as:- :3: objectname purge). Besides, if I turn the HP49+ on and going into file manager, select SD, the hour glass comes up but will not read the SD Card, but if I slide the card out and re-insert it again, the HP49+ sees it right away.Any explanation of this problem ?



Have you upgraded to ROM 1.22? I also expect a ROM 1.24 before XMas from HP. I think that the SD will need adjustments even after that upgrade. FAT32 dupport would great! You may use PC card reader to store your libs (from PC) or you may store your { libs } inside a list. Note that while programs can be run directly from port 3, libraries must installed in a lower port to be active. Also note that some PC names like "49LIBS" need strings around the name for the calc to RCL from the card. # VPN #


Thanks, my version is hp49-c revision #1.20, can you give me the link of the websiet ?

Best Regards- Hugh


Thanks for the infomation, downloaded the rom update and installed it, very thing works, thanks.


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