Am I imagining these keys?


Just before the HP-67 was introduced I remember frequenting the UCLA student store on a near daily basis to see if new HP calculators had arrived.

One day I was surprised to find an attractive calculator, which I seem to recall as the HP-55 (with timer). Looking at the photos here in the museum of the HP-55, the keys are not as I remember them, or perhaps I was looking at a different calculator back then. In any case, I can't find that calculator. Basically, the keys pictured for the HP-55 (and -67) are essentially square but slightly rounded and angled in the front. That is how they are on my HP-67. However, the keys that I saw on that calculator back then were a bit larger, more rounded at the corners, and almost domelike on top. I know I'm not imagining this, and it was an HP calculator, but I can't find any photo of the calculator I'd seen.




As far as I can remember, there existed the following types of keys:

Early HP35, square keys without legend (on the key)

Rectangular rounded, as in later HP35, and in HP80, HP45, HP55... Note the color scheme of HP75.

Tall with slanted front face, HP 65, HP25, HP67, early HP41C such as mine :-) Blue functions in front. Note the color scheme of HP27.

Slanted front face: HP41CV & CX, HP 11C and other Voyager, and the HP28 with its red shift key.

Rounded and flat format, HP 32S, 42S, and other Pioneers

Rubber, not good enough keys (snif): HP6S, HP49...


1) I mean the HP70, not 75, in the previous message 2) I did not mention the HP01 Watch nor the HP 75 and 71 handheld computers.

If you check the photos and design studies at this Museum, you may find the model you are looking for, or some clues, at best.

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