repair of hp67 card reader PINCH ROLLER



I was wondering if Mr. Joe Rigdon [[listed on site page:]] was still repairing calculators? And, whether his listed email there was correct.

My hp67 card reader's PINCH ROLLER has turned to goo. Yes, I have read Steve Loboyko's notes on doing the repair from that same site.

Before attempt the repair, I thought I would see if Mr. J. Rigdon ---who probably (apparently) has done many such repairs successfully--- might have an interest in doing the repair and what it would cost.

From a previous post, 2 'O' rings with ID = 1/8" and OD = 1/4" work.... perhaps its time to open the case!?

Thank you, Fred


With the 2 new "0" rings in place of the pinch roller which had turned to GOO, the repair went reasonably smoothy. The card reader/writer works perfectly.... once I remembered to lightly oil the cleaned worm gear and wheel... and cleaned the ball activated finger switches and each of their 5 individual contact pads (with alchol).

Thanks to 'Joe', a HP Form reader who saw my message, provided useful aids from his experience and encouraged me to 'go for the repair'.

AND, thanks to Steve Loboyko for his detailed "How to Fix Classic Models" instructions at [[]] as well as The 'keeper of the HPM... site, David G. Hicks.

Fred "now if I could just remember where I put the owners manual" B.

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