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The Hp12C Platinum has received here some cricticism about software problem. But how is quality compared to golden Hp12C ?

By Hp12C quality I mean :

- built tought

- highly readable display

- traditional Hp keyboard (with the key-click)

When one doesn't face a bug, is the platinum fastest than the gold one ?

In fact the only minus I find for the golden Hp12c is the slowness of programs.

Last question : is there somewhere on the net a large picture of the 12c Platinum ?

All the best



Pierre posted:

"is there somewhere on the net a large picture of the 12c Platinum ?

Try these. They were originally provided by Gene (Thanks, Gene and sorry for the lapsus :-)

HP-12CP front

HP-12CP back

HP-12CP inside

Best regards from V.

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I hadn't seen the 12C so close before and I don't know if anyone noticed but they got the French wrong: "Fabrique en China" instead of "Fabrique en Chine"





Best regards from V.


Sorry Gene ..... but on your


the BAT indicator is on. You may have to change batteries, or the display will blank ;-))


Thank you for the great pictures.

But what about speed and quality of the 12cp, compared to the old one ?

All the best


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