new hp49g user needs help


I have been a TI guy since i started using a graphing calculator but decided it was time for a change. Anyway I have been doing some surveying work and cant for the life of me figure out how to enter degrees, minutes, and seconds into the 49g. I'm sure the button is stareing me in the face but I just cant see it. anyway, any help is appreciated.
Grahm Satterwhite


Enter it so it looks like a decimal, i.e. 45^35'30" looks like 45.3530. If you want to convert it to dsecimal degrees go to the time menu and use soft key HMS->. If you want to change it back to DMS use ->HMS. Calculations need to be done in decimal degrees.


Use the red shift key and then the 9 key. choose "tools" and then scroll down until you see ->HMS or HMS->. Those are the ones you want. If you need it a bunch you need to create your own routine to call that function.

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