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Is there a program to convert a "Virtual HP-41" .raw file to a text file?


Karl HP-41


What kind of text would you like? Only hex presentation or as a program listing? If hex is sufficient use TextPad and define suffix RAW as binary.

If you need a listing first look for such a tool (there is one for conversion/bar code/do everything from ... [sorry, my brain]). If you can't find such a tool, make one of your own: Take emu41 from JF Garnier, look for the ROM image of Extended IO, define the RAW file as input to virtual HP-IL device DOSLINK, read in 7 bytes a time and store them i a XM register file, convert it to a program file, read it to main memory and - here we go - print it.

Simple, isn't it? In a similar way I made yesterday a routine to convert OUTP output to a RAW file. Works.




If you go to Warren Furlow's web site and click on the emulator section, close to the bottom of the page you will see "User Code Utility" and "User Code GUI" the GUI is a Windows interface for the utility that will automate the conversions from Text, RAW, BIN, HEX and Barcode. I have used it and it does a good job of converting. I would still look over the program text after each conversion. I have found that it will drop the END statement or change it to LBL 12 from time to time.

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