Can somebody tell me the difference between the following HP-41 modules?

AstroRom I - AstroRom II
Buderus 1 - Buderus 2 - Buderus 3 - Buderus 4
Speed Machine I - Speed Maching II


Matthias, what do you mean by "difference" between:
>GMAC I - GMAC II - GMAC III AstroRom I - AstroRom II
>Buderus 1 - Buderus 2 - Buderus 3 - Buderus 4
>Speed Machine I - Speed Maching II

An obvious difference is that they have different name
labels on them :-)

The different names represent modules that did different
jobs. Are you saying that all 4 names (GMAC, AstroRom,
Buderus, Speed Machine) refer to modules that did nearly
identical jobs? They did not, though some of what they
did does overlap.

In some cases you needed 2, 3 or 4 modules, to provide
a complete set of functions for a particular task. I
think that was the case with the GMAC modules - can
anyone here confirm it? In other cases, the differently
numbered modules did different jobs for a particular
application and you bought the one you needed.

Sorry that this is vague, but that's why I am asking
what your question really means :-)




For example I have a AstroROM I and a AstroRom II, both with the same manual. Why?

Second example: GMac I-III. I have them all, but their template has the same key overlay exept that the template is white, gray and black...


I would suspect that they are different revisions of the same code with bugs fixed and mayby minor functionality changes.


What about comparing the functions on them? I mean number of functions and their names, which shouldn't require much knowledge of the actual application.

Or what about checking whether they have the same XROM id#? Are all versions 4k ROMS, or maybe version III is the addition of I and II?

In this way you can start to figure out what makes them different, or what makes them the same...

I'm sure you'll let us all know your findings!



Hi again, and thanks Matthias for explaining. Now I see
that you were asking what the differences between the
various GMAC modules were, then what the differences
between different AstroRoms were, and so on. I had
thought you were asking about the differences
between GMAC, AstroRom, etc.

As David Smith and Angel Martin wrote, it seems most
likely that these are different versions of one module.
But in some cases, a complete application did not fit
in one HP-41 module, and a company would sell two or
even more modules, and you had to plug all of them into
a 41 to use that application. In other cases you could
buy and use only one module from a set, if you only
needed some functions, not the full application. Either
way, there might be only one manual for the full set,
but it would explain the different modules.

Yes, please do tell us when you find the details!



I would like to get a (copy of the) GMAC manual. Does someone has one? This would help me as well.

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