Does anyone know if the 19Bii+ will be out in time for Christmas?...


I've seen December AND January. TIA


To be honest, I wouldn't hold my breath.

During a recent visit to the HP website, I learned that there will be 11 calculators in the HP line. They currently have 10 calcs in production, and they announce on the site that there is one more graphing calculator to come (the 39G+).

So, I think that they might have dropped the 19BII+, and I will be disappointed if that's indeed the case.

If anyone has heard anyting different, please let me know!


I have it on very good authority that the HP 19Bii+ release has been rescheduled from December 2003 to August 2004! This is to allow the product to be re engineered in light of recent experience.


If true, then info like this should be brought up to date:

The good ol' days when I would buy an HP-67 and HP-41C and get the kind of quality I EXPECTED. ;-)


249 Euro???!!! Are they out of their minds? At that price, I sure hope it's made with classic quality and a damn good keyboard.

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