HP-41 printing to 200LX via IR


Hi Steve (Australia)! Are you listening!? In your article about that you mention the sound card as a good time basis. Do you see any chance to do without on a HP200LX?


Anypne else a clue how to "print" from Pioneers or the HP-41 with IR-Module to the LX? TIA


I'm trying to do the same, as soon I can I'll post here. I'll try to build a program in assembler based on some IR examples I see for the 95LX, and I need to know if the 200LX uses the same I/O.

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I do not know neither the details nor the difference of 95 vs 200 LX. May be you find the experts at HPLX-L, see http://www.sp.uconn.edu/~mchem1/HPLX.shtml for more.


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