10B with problem


I just got a used 10B with a faulty ON/C/OFF button.

When I press it, nothing happens Though, all the other buttons work just fine.

However, if I take the batteries out, make contact with the (+) and (-) terminals for a bit, put the batteries back in, and press the ON button - the calc fires up.

But... the button won't work after this unless I take the batteries out again and do everything all over again.

Any ideas?

It's just a 10B and I may take it apart to study it anyway.



Press above the I/YR key while trying to turn it on. If it works, it's a loose connection between the logic board and keyboard connector. Common Pioneer problem.

If that doesn't work, it's possibly a shorted key. Fatal problem for a Pioneer. Keyboard replacement is not a fun thing. Easiest way to diagnose is to hook it up to a power supply and check the current. If it immediately goes to 50 ua or more, you have a shorted key :o(

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