I've just aquired my bosses old HP33E and the battery hasn't been used for for 3 years. I'm running it on the charger, but still no life in it. Is there a new equivelant
rechargable battery available today on the market, that isnt HP?

CAn anyone help me.

Paul (Australia)


If you can manage to desolidarize the batteries from the metallic pac, replace them with 2 AA cells. Positive goes on top left siden you have the calculator in your hands, back side in front of you, battery compartiment on the top side.


So does this mean that this unit runs on 3 volts, using 2 AA batteries?



It runs on 2 AA NiCd cells, 1.25V each (2.5V), you can replace them with 2 NiMH cells. I don't know if you can put 2 simple alkaline AA cells or Zinc ones. If you do so, DON'T USE THE CHARGER!!




It works perfectly with 2 A batteries. After all these provide with 1.3 or 1.4 V most of the time, so you're connected more often with 2.6 or 2.8 volts. Not a big deal.

And of course Nelson is totally right : do not connect your calculator with the adapter while running on standard batteries !


......and do not use the charger without having good rechargable batteries in place and making good contact. Other people who are much smarter than me have said here that you can fry the calc by doing that.


I've put in two AA alkaline batteries just to see if the unit works, and it does. Now I'm buying the Ni-cad batteries you've all suggested. Thanks guys for all your help.

Must appreciated



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