HP-41 Advantage Pac contents?


Could someone out there please let me know what the complete HP-41 Advantage Pac boxed product contains: i.e. manuals, leaflets, cards, etc.

I'm just curious to know whether I have the full set.

Regards, Steve


I believe they just come with the pac and manual - no overlays. at least mine didn't come with overlays.



I just checked my HP-41 Advantage Pac. It contains the following:

1. Box, with a label that says HP Advantage Pac, Part No. 00041-15055;

2. The module itself, in an gray smoked antistatic bag;

3. A plastic bag containing the manual (mine is spiralbound, Rev. B), and a leaflet entitled "A Wealth of Accessories to Complement HP Calculators....".

I think that's the entire "stock" contents of the Advantage Pac. I noticed some other pacs come with Quick Reference Cards (Math/Stat, Home Mgt, etc.), but I don't think the Advantage was one of them.

Here's a question for the group: Some of my HP 41 Pac boxes have a dark red label with white lettering indicating the contents. Other HP 41 Pac boxes have a clear label with black lettering. Does anyone know why the labels are different?

Best regards,

Todd Garabedian

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