32S Won't Power Up


I just pulled out my 32S. I worked great when I last had it out - Several months back (stored w/o batteries). I installed good batteries, and nothing happened :^[

What to do??!!


Okay - Got it to come on, and think I have figured out the problem. It seems that the lower heat stakes have relaxed over time, and are no longer holding the case together tightly. After it finbally came on, only a few of the keys worked, and only while pushing them really hard. A little more experimenting, and I found that if I apply pressure above the "8" key, most of the other buttons work - the x and / still require a little heavier pressure, and the + and - still don't work.

This seems like an odd explanation though, since these can be taken apart by destroying the heat stakes, and then snapped back together and they work fine. Hmmm...

I wonder if all the contacts are just dirty..?

Any suggestions?


Heat stakes are not your problem. Dirt is not your problem. Age is the problem.

You'll find the sweet spot to actually be above the 1/x key. The keyboard connector has lost contact with the logic board. The far right column of keys is at the far end of the connector, right below the 1/x key. It is not making contact.

The problem is the foam pad that holds the two in contact has lost it's spring. You'll have to open the unit and shim the pad if the problem persists. Sometimes the pad is installed out of position making the problem worse. You can remove the pad without damage and reposition if you soak it first with UN-DU (heptane). Let it dry out before reinstalling.

Many times they'll be fine for months after flexing the case or pushing on the bezel in the right spot.


Bingo, Randy! You hit the sweet spot, where all the keys work easily, and the tests pass. Can't seem to make a permanent difference yet though - I'll keep working on it. I sure don't want to take it apart.

Thank you.


My goodness! Sounds like a 34C, except you have to squeeze all over the place!

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