No Division -I'd like to see this calculator


I've been reviewing the status of various silly rules on acceptable calculators that various schools, tests, etc. have come up with. I ran across the following:

"SAICA does not have a list of calculators that are allowed to be taken into the exam room. The onus is on you to make sure that it does not contain the full alphabet and is not programmable. You basically need a calculator that can add, subtract, multiply and subtract. Examinations Officer "

So... your calculator doesn't need division.....

And oh yes - just remove one of the letters of the alphabet (I'd select "Z") and you're home free.



You are a HP-Fan - you know Corvus.

Corvus ? Yes the HP-35 clone called Corvus 500.

Aaahhh - you remember! Corvus was the sales brand of Mostek - the chipmaker of the early HP calculators.

I guess they want a remake of this calculator:

Red LED, 6-digits, no multiplication, no division, just plain addition and subtraction. And a fixed decimal point. Okay, let us add one memory. Best would be a contious memory implemented in P-MOS logic. It is soooo power hungry.

You know this cutie ? Just visit it here:

Greetings from the "other" calculator museum,



Hi Joerg,

I had forgotten about the check book calculators. Thanks for reminding me of the Corvus Checkmaster. Was it really that power hungry that it took 6 AAA's? You'd only be using it when you balanced the checkbook. I would guess they wanted to achieve several months of use - thus the large number of batteries.

You have a nice museum site and some very interesting calculators.


Hello Bill,

The Checkmaster draws 3mA from the batteries - in the OFF-position of the switch. This is 72mAh per day or 14 days per set of batteries.
No, they don't sell calculators - they sell batteries. Or was it Xerox-paper or Gilette blades, or printer ink...


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