A Moving Experience


I'm moving temporarily into a smaller house. And I'm trying to determine which stuff will be going into storage, and which will be coming with me.

Well, most of the manuals are going into storage (I have the CD's -- must get the new set). As are most of the calculators (double checked for no batteries!).

I'm making sure I have my barcode manual, and the IR printer, a 9114 disk drive, disks, wand, CV and CX (oh and most of the modules and IL cables).

It's really hard to say goodbye to this stuff for between 6 months and a year!

Oh, and all of the 3rd party books except for a single copy of Wlodek's red book, and a loose bound copy of Wickes "synthetic programming" are going into storage.

Am I keeping enough? aaagh! :-)

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