48sx and 41cv app pac manuals


I recently found a 48sx with a Topcon fc-48 survey card and tds 256k ram card at a flea market. Where can I get the manual(s) for the application pac and ram card?

Included was a 41cv with the following modules:
surveying 1
strc anal x

Are there manuals available for any of these?

I need to replace the spring/contact in the 41's battery pack. Any suggestions for a source?

thank you for any help,


I would just suggest that you go to Google and search for hp41cx stuff and look at those pages.


Thanks for the info. I'll give it a shot.

I thought I had gotten lucky when I found the calculators. The 48 was just locked up, and when I rebooted, it came to life. The 41 is in pretty bad shape, but after a little cleaning, it's presentable. Only problem was, when I tried to use the software that was included, I realized I didn't have a clue....sorta typical for us old folks <grin>.

Thanks again for the lead


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