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Dear Sir,
My brother is a Astrologer He wants a calculator with following functions,
1. Placidus House Calculation.
2. Plants Positions.
3. siderial time Calculators,

If the above product is avalable please send me the details immediatly


K.Ethiraj Reddy




Hi K.,

There are a number of astrological programs available in this very Museum of HP, namely:

HP-67 Astrology Solution Book (ported to HP-41C) 
Astro 1 - Mean Obliquity of Ecliptic & GST
Astro 2 - Moon Asc Node, Nutation, Vernal Pt
Astro 3 - Local Siderial Time, Geocent Lat
Horoscope Construction
House Cusps - Campanus Methods
House Cusps - Koch Methods
House Cusps - Placidus Method
House Cusps - Regiomontanus Methods
House Cusps - Topocentric Methods
Mundoscope, Campanus
Mundoscope, Regiomontanus

follow this link and scroll down till you find the individual links for each program.

They seem to be available in its original form for the HP-67, and here you'll find the 41C versions, translated automatically using the card reader, so you could run them using either an HP-67, HP-97, HP-41C, HP-41CV, HP-41CX, or an HP-42S.

Best regards from V.


You want a calculator that has functions that produce bogus results?


Dunno if this does all you need but you can have a look here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2964100118&category=19267



You need to find an HP calculator with a random number generator. This is all you need to give you results with the required acuracy for the tasks you mention.


The founder of modern trigonometry, including the spherical trigonometry used for positional astronomy, was Johann Muller (known as Regiomontanus), who was an astrologer as well as a genius of mathematics and astronomy. Johann Kepler (of elliptical orbits and Kepler's Laws)was an impassioned astrologer. Isaac Newton had some interest, but was mostly absorbed with alchemy and theology instead.

Astrology has to use the same mathematics as conventional astronomy to predict the movements of the planets, moon, sun, and stars. You and I may reasonably doubt that the movements of the celestial bodies should be interpreted in terms of human destinies, but it is not unreasonable that people of all times might do so. Think of the effects of diurnal cycles and of the seasons upon all life and upon the wind and weather. And modern cosmology and general relativity suggest that the properties of any microcosm are related to the macrocosm as a whole -- that even the inertial mass of the pen in your hand or the molecules in your body is related to the existence of the whole universe around us.

Sounds like a sermon, but sometimes the stars carry me away.


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