HP-75 power adaptor


does anyone know where i can get a power supply ac adaptor for an HP-75?




It is the same as for the HP-71 or HP-41 or their printers, etc: HP 82059D battery charger. There are usually many available on eBay for $10-15.

If you have old battery packs, keep them. They can be re-built with new cells. See the articles at the HP Museum.



There are is an overabundance of that model right now on ebay, with boxes. Some guy must have found a trailer load. Search for hp calculator adapter.


The HP-75C uses an Hp-82041B/C/D adaptor according to this site and the Hp-82041A that is on ebay should not be used. So i guess im looking for an Hp-82041B/C/D.



Look on eBay for alexandracarter selling the "HP Calculator 82059D Charger" @ $9.95 plus $4 shipping, or for anyone else selling the HP 82059D. You won't go wrong: it fits the 41, 71, 75, and all sorts of peripherals.

I don't know where this 82041 number came from -- perhaps it was an early number that HP assigned to it. But 82059D is what you want today.


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