HP 17BII Plus


I was about to make a move on it but I saw that the thing got trashed on several Amazon reviews. Whats the consensus here, is this calculator really a piece of crap?


If you have a chance to try it in the store, just do it, and build your own opinion;-)



Well, I contacted HP Canada to find out where I could try one. The 17BII+, 48GII and 49G+ will only be available via special order through Staples Business Depot.

So, the closest thing to trying a 17BII+ is the 10BII!

I was thinking about ordering one, but I'd really rather hear from some others users first, so if anyone has any insights, please share them!

Is the keyboard any better than the 10BIIs?



The new keyboards have a tactile feedback, but they do make a lot of noise (can't use in a library) despite the short comings they are much faster/have more memory or both (49g+, 17BII, 12C Platinum) # VPN #

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