Warning: HP-49G+ display may get damaged


The leather pouch that comes with the 49G+ is very nice, but the metal (magnetic) clasp can damage the delicate surface of the display.

When you put the calculator in the pouch and press the clasp to close it, you are exerting pressure over the display's bottom portion. In order to avoid damage, put the calculator backwards (facing the back of the pouch). That will protect the display.



That's why serious devices have a zipper case;-)



I saved the bubblepack material and cut out the outline of the calculator, without as little of the side areas as possible and inserted that into the leatherette pouch. This provides, I think, enough protection against accidentally damaging the display when closing the clasp. As for the potential scratch, I think the paint along the edge of the display is more at risk for being scratched than the face of the display itself.

Ah, the old zipper cases!


Ah, the old zipper cases!

I miss the type of pouch that came with the HP-65, with a velcro clasp. When I bought a 67 (which came with the typical -- and oversized -- artificial pouch), I made it a point to buy from HP an HP-65 pouch to use instead.

But the zipper cases worked well too.



I saved the bubblepack material and cut out the outline of the calculator, without as little of the side areas as possible and inserted that into the leatherette pouch. This provides, I think, enough protection against accidentally damaging the display when closing the clasp.

I'd caution you that putting a plastic cover on top of the plastic display may scratch BOTH surfaces.



Ordinarily, I'd say you're right. But in this case, the cutout (edges sanded down first with a fine grade sandpaper) is held snugly by the pouch itself and since there's no motion inside especially when the calculator is in it (it's a snug fit, as I'm sure you see), I don't foresee any scratching of the plastic screen. Remember also that the contours of the blisterpack cutout make it rest on the edges of the calculator offsetting it from the calculator a little bit and that the screen is recessed about almost a millimeter or so below the edges. I'm using it as a shield against inadvertent hits against the screen while in the pouch.


Ed, I took your advise a while back and did the same thing to my calculator. It works great, thank you


Oh, don't thank me, at least not ultimately. I first saw this trick, I think on the comp.sys.hp48 newsgroup in a post by, at the time, a high school kid! Probably was related to Ben Salinas.

For my (all too) soft 48G gray nylon case, I also glued (taped, now, I think as the glue didn't really hold) a slightly thicker and stiffer piece of plastic on the cutout over the screen area of my 48G(/G+).


Make that nylon zippered cases.

I've found a couple of early LED TI's recently, with original cases. Their aluminum-toothed zippers seem designed for the purpose of chewing on plastic finishes.

BTW, in all communication about desired features, I think it's best to be as expicitly clear and complete as possible. Keep in mind that you engineers are dealing with a culture gap if you're communicating with H-P product designers (read: marketing), and that they're dealing with both language and culture differences in transmuting specifications into product.

For example, I imagine someone wrote somewhere, not too long ago, "It needs to have plastic, not rubber keys; and they need to have a tactile 'click' when they're pressed." Good specifications, but something about a connection between the tactile feedback in the action of closing the key contacts may have been left out . . .


The 49G+ storage case is nice, but it doesn't leave room for much other than the calculator.

For the active, modern, on-the-go graphing calculator user, consider this: Office Depot (in my area, at least) is clearing out zip-up Mead "FiveStar" TI calculator pouches with a sorta-rigid external case, an internal elasticized calculator pocket with velcro-closed, TI-logo-emblazoned cover flap, and (on the opposite side) a pen loop and a funky pad of pseudo-graph/note paper. (Only $1.44 .)

After cutting the stitching to remove the velcro and cover flap, replacing the supplied notepad with a decent spiral-bound item, and inserting a nice Parker gel pen, I've got more than a calculator -- I've got a calculator use and support system. ;^)

(Actually, it's bulkier, but more complete. Unfortunately, it won't quite store the USB cable too. Time will tell if I actually make use of it . . . )


Actually, Paul, I went to buy one at Staples a month or so ago. They looked nice. I'm not sure how it fits the 49G+, as at the time, all I had was a 48G and it did fit, but too snugly. I feared long term damage from pressure on the calculator case, so I didn't get it. It was cheap, too (not $1.44, but still quite cheap). I think it really was meant to fit the TI-83 only.


Yeah, I ended up cutting out the internal elastic pouch entirely, and velcro-ing the 49G+ to the inside front cover. It fits there nicely, and the pad & pen are included, but when closed up, the whole thing looks a little too pocketbook-ish for my taste. (I'm just not that secure! ;^))

So, this little experiment may well turn out a minor bust -- we'll see what turns up next.


Well, I suppose they'll be glad I'm posting this, but I found out that CalcPro still sells, at ten bucks a pop, which is probably worth it, the gray soft cases for the 48G series calculators.

I have just tried it with my 49G+ in my 48G's case- it works, may just ever so slightly too snugly. If you worry about protecting the LCD screen, some thin piece of stiff polymeric material (like blisterpack stuff) or like the walls of the thinner pencil boxes they sell for elementary school kids, cut to size, ought to be inserted in the case and placed between the front of the calculator and the inside of the case.

I have also seen some guys, I forget whether it was here or comp.sys.hp48, a long time ago, suggest getting one of the smaller plastic toolboxes from Sears and stuffing foam rubber in to hold the calculator. I like the protection afforded by the box, but am not thrilled by it because it is, after all a large 13 inch or so box.


Perhaps the purse section at the department store, etc. might yield an appropriate case. Or an inappropriate case, depending upon your taste. ...


I have found large padded cases (some of them designed for camera equipment) from the following stores:

Various camera stores.

They provide plenty of room and protection for my HP 48 series (SX/GX/G/G+) graphing calculators. The cases are generally priced between $10 and $20. I measured the dimensions of an HP 48G as 7" long, 3 1/4" wide, and 3/4" deep.

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