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OK, I have finally obtained my (once missing) petroleum pac for my day job. Now, I would like to expand my system. The question is; what should they be? What would you consider the minimum components for a fairly serious 41 user? Card reader? Video interface? Printer? PC gateway? Advantage pac? What components would you get the most use of of?

Waiting on your input....




         Card reader 
Advantage ROM

above, plus:

         a Quad RAM Module [if 41C]
Extended Functions/Memory ROM [if 41C/41CV)]
2 Extended Memory Modules [if 41CX, else only one]
Mass storage (tape or floppy, may require HP-IL ROM)

Best regards from V.


Card reader, printer, Advantage ROM, PPC ROM


More RAM.

I find the timer module very useful.

Some means of storage outside the 41:

HP-IL is useful to interface to a computer or a mass storage, such as the 9114 floppy disk.

The wand can also be of use if you do not want the expense of HPIL and have a means of producing bar code for your programs.

The card reader can also be an alternative.


Hello Håkan ,

Just wanted to give you my belated thanks for your MCODE articles in those old PPC Journal's! I have added a few of your superb routines to the SandBox ROM (a compilation ROM), you may have read the thread?

I've got a couple of questions on some aspects I couldn't sort out very succesfully, too tecky for this thread, can you reply to my email address?

Best wishes,
Angel Martin


for me the answer has evolved to:

external storage

either a 9114 or 82973A (and the IL module to run either). my card reader (specifically the cards) is deteriorating, and it is a real pain to have a large program fail on cards. also, the bar code wand is relatively simple and inexpensive, but is a one way device. if i could only have one of the above devices, it would be the 82973A. also, with the appropriate software the PC can provide the printer.


Ok, I'll throw my suggestions here, too.

Most important:
1. Quad Memory module
2. X-Functions module

3. HP-IL module

Then either
4a. Advantage Pac
4b. CCD module

The Advantage Pac offers numsolve and integ,
the CCD module the best user interface,
both offer matrix ops,
which were from the CCD module to the Advantage Pac.

HP-IL mass storage device,
5a. tape
5b. disk

6. HP-IL printer



Dear jimc,

best would be to have the HP41CX with internal X-Functions and Time module. Expand the internal X-Memory by one or two plug in X-Memory module or better by an Double-X-Memory module. Next install the CCD module. Than install HP-IL module plus EXT-I/O for interfacing to external world :

Use the full version of EMU41 on your PC : This replaces some real IL devices (mass storage, printer, barcode print, video screen). Furthermore you get an advanced emulator and a gateway to PC-world and exchange by internet...

Therefore the best today HP41 system solution is :

EMU41 (advanced emulator, mass storage, printer, barcode, video screen, gateway to PC and web...)

For HP41 interface applications to real world and for measurement data logger applications take the HP82166A IL-Converter and I/O-Board or IL2000 System ...

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph Klug

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