ugrade from 1.18 ->1.22?


I have my old hp49g(rom 1.18), and I want to upgrade to
1.22. Is that necessary? What will change? What is the difference between 49g and 49g+?
Thanx! :)


I don't know if such an upgrade is even possible.
Did you take a look at the feature list of the + ?
The hardware is different, the configuration may be incompatible.
Unless someone can state the opposite, I'd suggest to upgrade your 49G to ROM 1.96 or 1.97 (if available)



You cannot upgrade the 49G with 49G+ roms. The highest available for the 49G is the "unofficial" (but very stable) 1.19.6.

I have heard that there is a 1.19.7, but I have not seen it.



There were rumours the version 1.22 for the 49G could be (easily?) extracted from the 49g+ file. But would it be of
any good? I don't think so.



IMHO you would have to patch the image in various places,
since it uses some new opcodes (81Bx) which are not available in the 49G, and the compiled display offset constants are different, of course.

I don't think that it's worth the effort. People who can't live without a 49G-like calc should consider selling their 49G, and buy a 49G+. The 49G+ is better than the normal 49G in all and every aspect.

However, I'll stay with my 48GX, which is even better IMHO;-)


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