battery for 9114B


Does anyone have the reference for the battery needed in the 9114 B? Thanks in advance!


Buried deep within my article on HPIL files (see the "Articles" Forum, I placed the following tid-bit:

"If you get a 9114B Disk Drive, it will need a new battery, located inside the plastic battery holder. Get a direct replacement from Digi-key for $16.36 (Digi-Key Part No. P262-ND, Panasonic Part No. LC-R062R4PU). "

***the price has dropped, and is now listed at $9.45!!***

Believe it or not, you can find Digi-Key at, and this particular battery at

but hurry! Inventory shows only 2,900 left in stock!

PS: I'm not associated with digikey in any way, but I have bought some of these batteries from them and remain a satisfied customer.

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