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Hi John It sounds like your problem might be the anode or cathode driver chips or faulty circuit board connection. Rather than open my HP-65, I looked at page 5 of the HP journal issue (May 1974)which covers the HP-65 and has a picture of the driver chips. Since I have a photocopied version of this journal I can't be completely sure, but it looks like the part # for the anode driver is 1818-1029 and 1820-1226 for the cathode driver. I took out a 1820-1029 and 1820-1226 from a HP-35 recently, so I think the 65 used the same chips.I think the 1818-1029 and 1820-1029 are probably the same but don't hold me accountable!. I have noticed in the past that HP used different part numbers for chips with the same function. If you find you need to replace one or more of those chips, maybe I can help you.


Thanks Erik, I'll ket you know how it goes. Cheers - John

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