32Sii 99 digit PI program


I have been trying the "99 Digits of PI on an HP 32SII" program, from the Articles forum on my 32Sii and I cant seem to get it to work. It just runs and runs and runs.


Has anyone else seen this problem, and can anyone else help fix it?

I have noticed a couple of bugs in the program:
- N13 should be DSE i not DSE
- E13 should be ISG i not ISG I

Is there another bug I have missed - because my LBL R checksum is 1FF0 not AF06 ?



You're right about those two errors in the listing, I've just corrected them, thanks!

I reentered the program from the listing and verified that the checksums and byte counts are correct. The program does run for a while, about 11 minutes on my 32SII. I'm not sure why you're getting a checksum error in LBL R, what byte count are you getting?



I entered the program for a while in an emulator and after fixing the obvious two typos all checksums are also ok in my case.

BTW, really nice software. Congratulations!




>> ... in a ***[32 sii] emulator***

You big tease ! :)



Hi Christoph,

Did you Really make a 32sii emulator!?



There's a brief description of Emu32 and other emulators by Christoph Giesselink not yet released.

I've managed to get Emu42 working with downloaded ROMs from my own 42S and 17BII calculators. Emu42, while still only a beta, works very well indeed.




Sorry forgot to post the link:



Thanks guys. Sorry to be a pain. I must have made a typo the first time (although I stepped through 6 times and couldnt find it!). I retyped the program and now it works perfectly :)

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