Convert from .bin to .rom


How can I convert an hp41 ROM image from .bin format into .rom format? (I can do .rom to .bin)

Thanks in advance


not sure what the .rom format is. the v41 emulator comes with a conversion utiility thats handles formats; lif, p41, raw, dat, bin and txt.


The ROM images that come with the V41 are in an uncompressed format like CCD1B.ROM (the CCD module). The ROM images used with Emu41 are in a compressed format like GAMES.BIN (the Games Pac). I know how to convert from .ROM to .BIN but not the other way around. The utility you mention is for converting USER code programs, and can't (as far as I know) convert a whole image.

/Poul Kaarup


Bin format packs 4 words into 5 bytes (makes 40 bits):

0 word0[7-0]
1 word0[9-8] + word1[5-0]<<2
2 word1[9-6] + word2[3-0]<<4
3 word3[9-4] + word4[1-0]<<6
4 word4[9-2]
and so on...

In the future releases of Emu41, I will support .rom format as well.



Thanks for the information. Would it be possible for your CLBIN41 program to do conversion both ways in the future?


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