New HP-71B emulator with HP-IL


Hello all,

I'm happy to announce a new version of my HP-71B emulator.
It features now a full HP-IL emulation with display, mass storage, printer and DOS interface devices.
Emu71 now gives direct access to LIF archives like the ones found on this site.

Please have a look at

It's still a text mode application (consistent with the HP-71B system look and feel)
and runs well in DOS or command box in Windows 95/98/NT,2000, etc...

Some of you may notice that this new Emu71 has some resemblance with the basic system on HP9000 computers.
It's not a true coincidence because: 1) I like very much HP9000 machines (I used a HP9845 during my first job),
2) Emu71 evolved like the 98xx serie by integrating the one-line display with a full screen display in a common device.
With the additional great JPCROM enhancement (available on my site) which provides structured programming
(REPEAT..UNTIL, SELECT...CASE, ...), the resemblance with RMB is even closer!

Like Emu41, basic Emu71 version is still freeware,
and I propose an extended version with real I/O capability (with HPIL/PC board) for a small free.

Best regards from France!



Dear Jean-Francois Garnier,

big gratulation for your actual work about EMU71 for the HP71 world. Now HP71 user get the same amazing power, as EMU41 brings to the HP41 system.

Emulators which includes real HP-IL support are the best today application for any HP41 and HP71 enthusiast - you get some virtual IL devices and a gateway to the PC world which includes internet applications : Connect your HP41 and now your HP71 to the world :-)

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph Klug


Congratulation! And ***thank you***!!!



Thanks J-F, It is a great piece of work.
Keep it going!


This looks like a very impressive piece of work.
Do you think it could run on an HP200LX ?



Emu71 (as Emu41) will run on HP95/100/200LX, although Emu71 will run quite slowly. I presented pre-versions dedicated to such small machines during the Allschwill meeting (look at for more details), I'm working to optimize these emulators to these machines.



If you need a hand in optimizing your (very good) emulators to HP-95LX and/or HP-200LX (I have both) in assembler, please let me know! I like very much to programm in assembler and Pascal (I have Turbo Pascal 6/Turbo Assembler/Turbo Debugger on them) and I'm thinking in port the EMU42 to them also. They are beautiful machines!

Best regards,


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