Replacing the CPU board on fullnut HP41


Current technology allows us (with a small effort) to create a CPU board that will fit inside the case of an HP41 and be able to run original HP41 microcode. Assuming we do not try to be clever (i.e. increase memory, add more lines to the display, etc), this simulated 41 can be made to behave like an original HP41.

Why would anybody want to do this? Well speed may be one reason, and the ability to have lots of modules loaded in the base unit (and perhaps some extra e-disk memory).

The question is whether HP will accept this "product", or consider that this emulated 41C infringes their Intelectual Property.

Any ideas?



All of the HP-41 coding has been released by HP I believe so their should be no issues. Run a Palm or Pocket PC engine and use HP-41 emulators....

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