HP42 Malfunction


would anyone have any ideas concerning a work mates HP42 which is playing up.

a brief history of his troubles follows;

HP42 batteries went flat causing it to crash. new batteries were inserted, without causing the loss of program memory.
The calculator now inserts a series of zeros (about 6 or 7) before any other number which has been typed usually leaving only enough space for a single digit.
He hasn't tried any of the self testing procedures (he will when he finds his manual) nor has he tried the resetting procedures yet (but he will)

any thoughts or ideas would be welcomed.

regards Paul W



the first thing to do is a reset (ON+C).
No fear, it works non-destructive.




yes that worked Raymond thankyou for your help.

i no longer have a hp42 but i used to and i found them one of the best machines (almost better then the hp41 series)

regards Paul


Why is a hp42 better than a hp41 ?


+ mostly compatible with 41C
+ both registers and named variables A..Z
+ buil-in applications
+ more memory
+ more speed
+ less weight & size
+ IR print
- no I/O
- no expansion ports
- cumbersome ALPHA

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