HP48G keyboard overlays


Does anyone know where you can get keyboard overlays for the HP48G?

Did HP or other aftermarket companies make any?

I am planning to make an application that will need keyboard customization so some blank keyboard overlays will help alot.

Thanks in advance to any who answer.


I still have 2 blank overlays...



Where did you get them from?

Do you know if they are still available??

What did they cost???

Thanks, Sam.


I've bought them from the late EduCalc in the previous century. I just wanted the transparant with the math/greek symbols on them. But it was a package of math/greek symbols, 3 creme and 3 transparent. One creme I did cut up so it would fit a 42. So I have 2 creme and 3 transparent for sale or trade (also a HP82143A printer). I would like someone to help me on a 128Kb ramcard.



A few years ago, someone through our office saw the overlays. He was excited about the new laser template cutter that was just purchased at work (a greeting card company.) So ... I have a few purple, teal, and cream overlays. But don't get too anxious, they're staying with me.


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