Removing rubber feet on 15c


Hello, All:

I have a 15c which has a divide key that "pops". The unit also flexes and "creaks" slightly when applying light pressure at opposite corners, indicating that perhaps the two halves of the unit are not fastened tightly enough. I searched the archives and found a posting of someone who said that he fixed a problem similar to this by merely removing the rubber feet and tightening the four screws which hold the unit together.

My question is: How do I go about removing the rubber feet without damaging them and then reapply them after tightening the screws? Is it possible that the glue will still be sticky enough to reapply them?

Note: I did find an article that outlined the steps of opening Voyagers but did not go into specifics of dealing with the rubber feet.



The feet are attached using double sided tape (black in color). So just pull them off and then remove the tape that's either going to be left on the rubber foot or the calculator. Before reassembling them, clean the feet and the area on the calc where they go with isopropyl alcohol. The best tape to use when replacing them is carpet tape (available at hardware stores), it's very sticky and very thin (usually white in color).


3M makes an outdoor carpet tape that is black in color, slightly textured, and VERY sticky. Best thing I have found for sticking down them footsies.

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