How do I check what version rom my 49g+ has?


I just received my new 49g+ and have been reading through all the manuals and no where can I find out how to check which version ROM the calculator came with. Can anyone please tell me how to check this? I am VERY FRUSTRATED and have given up after a good hour of looking this up. I'm assuming it's version 1.20 but I'd like to cehck. Thanks.


In RPN mode type 'VERSION' then press 'ENTER'.



It's a bit cumbersome, but there's a shifted function called "CAT" (I forget if it's left or right shift; it's not with me right now) and it has every command in it. If you scroll (backwards is faster) down toward the end, there's VERSION. Choose that and that'll do it. Or as rdb says, just type it in and ENTER.


An easier way to find a command in the catalog is to press alpha and then the first letter of the command you are looking for. In this case 'v'. Then down, or up, arrow.



... you may even alpha-lock and type more than just the very first letter in order to be led "nearer" to the command you're searching for! But don't forget to go out of alpha-mode before pressing the OK-key :-)



I ALWAYS forget! I am so used to operating the simpler programmable scientifics, in which I normally use the alphabetical letters as program labels or storage register designators (which does not require hitting an "ALPHA" key) that on the HP-48 or 49 series calculators, I usually waste a couple of seconds or keystrokes deleting the unexpected letter when I meant simply "ENTER" and forgot to turn "ALPHA" off.

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