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Does anyone have a TVM program written for the 11C? I would like one that operates the way the 12C does i.e. pressing the assigned button solves for the variable that has no value. I am also looking for a good calendar functions program as well. Will the programs given in the 67 standard functions pac work the same with the 11C? Any input is greatly appreciated.


If you adapt some lines, the TVM program on the standard pac for 67 will definitely work with the 11C.

Just be aware that the keycoed will be different !




If I recall correctly, there is a TVM program somewhere in the 11C Owner's Manual. I remember using it to calculate car payments when I visited car dealers. I believe it operates like the 12C Solver (e.g., put in known values and solve for the unknown). Do you have an 11C manual you could look at?


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