HP 12C vs TI BA II plus


Hi every body

Yesterday, I bought a new financial calculator TI BA II

plus for taking CFA exam. Before, I also owned an HP 12C.

After doing some TVM (time value of money) exercises, I

realized that TI BA II plus was faster than HP 12C very

very much when solve for i (interest) and IRR. so, I

wonder why most of professional financial analyst like HP

12C than TI BA II plus ?

any comments?



Later HP business calculators such as the 17BII and 19BII are also many times faster than the old 12C. (15 times faster.)

But the 12C lives on and they're gone. I guess speed isn't everything.


I'm a lecturer for a CFA exam review course. For a while, the video presentations I did on the time value of money using the BAII Plus and 12c were available for free viewing on the web.

The 12c was all there was for quite some time and so it developed quite a following.

Today, the BAII Plus has a great deal of additional functionality and speed that the 12c does not possess, you are correct.

The 12c (perhaps not the VERY recently made ones) feels much more solid...not cheap like the BAII Plus does.

The BAII Plus sells for $29.99, the 12c for $60-80.

I just wish HP made a $30 business calculator that:

1) USED operator precedence...1+2x3 = 7, not 9!!!!!
2) Had built-in trig functions
3) Had more statistics



The HP-12C has not operator precedence... is RPN!

1 (enter) 2 (enter) 3 * + results 7.

Are you talking about the other financial HP calculators (10B, 17B, 19B) that uses algebric entry??




Yes, quite correct. The 10B/10BII (which is HP's entry to compete with the BAII Plus) does not have it.

The 12C platinum, which is also algebraic, does not have parentheses OR precedence.

Really a mystery that one.


Hi Gene

What do you think about HP 10BII?


I have both HP12C and HP10BII, I think that the 10BII is much faster and uses 12 digits against the 10 digits of the 12C but lacks the programability and the date functions.
The 10BII hasn't operator precedente in its algebrical entry. I think that the 12C is better, but slower. And the durability is another story... My 12C is 22 years old, and works like a charm! I don't think that the 10BII will last half longer.



I know it's not made anymore but it sounds like the HP27S would fit your profile.

"1) USED operator precedence...1+2x3 = 7, not 9!!!!! 2) Had built-in trig functions 3) Had more statistics etc."



What I'm saying is that to compare to the $30 BAII Plus, HP's only offering is the 10BII, which lacks a large number of functions the BAII Plus has.

I'd take my 19BII if I really wanted to do these things, but that's not in the $30 class.

If TI can make a business model for $30 with precedence, trig, etc., surely HP can do it.

The 10BII is not a competitor for the BAII Plus.


Your number one issue about precidence HAS always bothered me with business calculators. But I suspect all business types to be a slow and dimwitted bunch and not even noticing this problem (Especially those DAMN MBA's!). Well, okay, you noticed it. 8o) And the Ti BA II also does this UNTIL you re-configure it also.

At least Hp always included parenthisis keys up until the Hp12c platinum (If you don't count the Hp10 printing calc).

I know you need recommendations for your books and classes so calculators like the 27s cannot be considered as someone here suggested. But it really was the 2nd best pocket calculator ever made, even without RPN (I have to exclude the 41c series with accessories to make this statement).

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