HP-41 wand module code printing


Is it possible to print the programs that are in my calculators in the form of bar code on the HP-82143A or with the HP-IL 2225 printer? a program already done somewhere insted of writing it?

If not possible; what is the use of that bar wand if i don't have any bar code except the one in the HP-41 manual.



Have a look just round the corner: http://www.hpmuseum.org/software/41uc.htm

Use a laser printer for best results.



Yes but i need to enter my code in my PC before. How to directly print bar code from my HP-41?


For this to work I think you need the Plotter module.

To the audience:Am I right here?



You don't need the plotter module for barcode printing on the 82162A or 2225B IL printers.
Only the XF module is needed if you want to print program barcodes, and of course the HP-IL module.

You can even print barcodes on an 82143A, but for this you'll have to modify it's hardware for half-line feed. There were articles about this topic in the PPC and CCD publications.

However, the plotter module has some very powerful functions to ease barcode creation, and if you're using an IL plotter, like the 7470A, you'll need it.



Thanks Raymond, so I have to apologize.

[OT]: Is anybody sleeping here in Europe? ;-)



Our friend Gene has posted a variety of HP-41 programs for printing barcode on his web site. One requires the plotter module, another requires extended functions/memory, still another requires the IL DEV and CCD modules. All require synthetic.


Mark Hardman


Hi HP41 barcode enthusiasts :

Take EMU41 with virtual SKWIDINK module running on your PC. A Laser printer gives your best barcode plott quality. Programm upload from HP41 to EMU41 is possible with HP-IL/PC interface card.

From this system solution resulting much more advanced applications : Refer to HP-Museum articles forum item 311 "HP41-PC gateway & emulator"...

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph Klug


Why won't you write your own prgm from the scratch? With the 2225B it's plain fun! (At least it was for me several years ago.)


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