32E - three or four chips?


Hi all!

I just got a 32E, as of now non-functional. It has 3 chips, with a blank between the smaller chips. Is that right for this model, or is it missing one?



I have a HP-32E also (solderless version), and it has 2 chips and a spare space. I think that are 2 roms and the cpu.

Good luck!



Thanks Nelson!

This one has some corrosion on the battery ribbon cable. Seems to be an achille's heel of this series: corrosion breaks continuity at the junction of the exposed copper and the protective plastic top layer at the distal end. Most have been restored by simply splicing the cable (running new wires from the battery contacts to the proximal ribbon cable). (I don't know if engineers talk in those terms, but they work for anatomy)...

Take care,


As usual, bypassing the ribbon cable worked fine, and the calculator looks and works like new. Not bad for $13. Thanks for you help!



Well, 20.50 if you include shipping.
I was surprised the auction didn't go any further, but was pleased to hear that you were able to get it going again.



Thanks. If it's any consolation, it did go to a very good home <grin>!!


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