Hi all,

Has anyone bought SR44 batteries from

This source was posted here a bout a month ago--I have never used it.

But, they are not taking orders--I wonder if there is another good (and trusted) discount source?

Thanks and regards,

Bill Platt


I posted that original Battery question on October 16, 2003. So until ordering is back on-line, check out my investation of the following:

Jim L. recommends for Eveready 357 Silver Oxide. Purchase 6 batteries (includes shipping) at $1.50/ea. Go to

Fry’s Electronic’s for Eveready 357 Dilver Oxide. Purchase 6 batteries (includes shipping) at $1.79/ea. Search for product #1935338.

Fry’s also has Duracell PX76A/675B Alkaline. Purchase 6 batteries (includes shipping) AT $1.49/ea. Search for product #2015037.

Radio Shack store has Silver Oxide, cost $3.00/ea, and they have Alkalines too.


You might try bgmicro. I order from them whenever I can. Look for item# BAT1015. Aparently they are an alkaline variant, but at 10 for $2 you can't go wrong!

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