HP48GII available on HP's website now



It looks like the same situation as the 49G+...says "Locate a reseller" right now, but the 49G+ did that and after a couple of days was taking orders on the site.

Price $109.99


...too expensive for the missing features.


What are Hp marketers thinking? Or perhaps not, as usual.


Hi, I had to get this calc because it was a class requiredment. I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not downloadable programs for the other hp 48g (series) are compatible with this one? There's not much online yet specifically for this calc. My whole class seems to be having a problem as far as making it connect to our pc's too. Cant get any info at the HP site.


What class requries you to buy a certain calc at all, esp. a new, unproven one? I think whoever made this a requirement is a bit foolish.

For the record, most HP49 programs should work. Go to http://www.hpcalc.org/ . Everything except games should be OK. There are various tutorials on the net - most are for the HP49g. I saw one a while back for the HP49G+, but they are mostly identical anyway.


Also see http://groups.google.com/groups?q=comp.sys.hp48


It's actually our book store and HP that came to the idea that this is the calc required, since the calc originally required has been discontinued. The Civil Engineering Program at my college requires the calc, however the lady who usually runs the program is actually out in the field all year, so we have a replacement. So I really don't know why. I asked the same question when I saw how expensive it was...Thanks for the links Joseph and James.

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