128MB SD card $20 after a $10 rebate



Rebate good through 11/09/03:




Thanks Gene. but the rebate seems to be at:


and to make it easier to get to the product URL:


Kind of makes me wish that I hadn't already purchased an SD card. Maybe
I really, really, need a second SD card?



Ouch, James!

Did you see the price I paid for 256 Mb? Yes, it's a bigger card, but boy, I think 128 would have been sufficient. But for the price... what was the name of that (vintage) group? Temptations?

Come to think of it, you know what might be a nice touch/possibly effective technique for HP calcs? Suppose they offered a rebate of some sort to those who can prove they're students (current registration, or some such paperwork) and who buy one of their calcs. Where would that leave us old folks, though?



Try again in a couple of days, I guess . . .



Actually, there's a MicroCenter near me. On my way home tonight, I snuck over and looked for one. Their flash memory section looked bare and almost ransacked. I had a salesman check and they ONLY sell it through their Customer Service desk, of all things! So, if the stores still have stock and their kind of keeping it sort of hidden, I'll bet they can get stock back to the online store rather soon.

It's a great price and I couldn't resist this. I might just take the 256 Mb I got in my 49G+ out and replace it with this 128 Mb card. Then maybe I can use the 256 Mb in my Jumpdrive for more or backup portable storage. I'll bet the 128 Mb might be accessed more quickly by the 49G+, anyway.

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