New and improved 42S?


Along with many of the people who post here I would like HP to reintroduce the 42S, perhaps with 2 way I/R or a "compact flash" slot. I left a note to them on their calculator feedback form to this effect, and I'd like to ask that any of you who feel the same do also. The URL for their feedback form is: I believe there really is support for a product in this day of Palm computers and $5.99 calculators, perhaps we can demonstrate this to HP.


Done !








Done :-)





Done. But I won't hold my breath.



I also suggested that their current lineup of calculators seems to be aimed exclusively at students, and they seem to be alienating the practicing professionals which they had nurtured for so many years.

Although I like the functionality of the HP-48, the calculators I use most often are the HP-41CX (for its versatility and function) and the HP-15C (for its form-factor when I don't need all the 41CX features).

From what I've seen of the HP-49 and the other new ones, I'm not even slightly interested.

I also still pull out my HP-29C, just because I like it (and to keep the battery alive) ;-)





The HP30 could be a possible platform for a 'new' HP42.

It has a 2 line display, it's small and has interchangable face plates (ideal for user customization!!)

It also has a 'new' style keyboard {:-( but you can't expect perfection these days.

I'm also not holding my breath.






Done. I recently took a math class that required a graphing calculator. I bought a TI86, couldn't find a HP48, and made the leap. Well, the TI86 is nice for class, even great, but I work for manufacturing company and the TI86 or the HP48 isn't practical for the floor. I pulled the HP42S out of retirement and I am glad I did!


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